Work for the hands to do... Homeadow Song Farm Homeadow Song Farm is a homestead that actively promotes experiential learning through integration of practical work, artistic experience and celebration of community.  We are currently working with Rudolf Steiner’s indications for bringing cultural renewal in the areas of land stewardship, animal husbandry, education, and social responsibility. Sense of Place . . . We believe that spending time outdoors in a special place provides children the foundation for a life-long loving and responsible relationship to the environment. Each program has a theme, but there is so much more. . . We may observe hummingbirds, butterflies or even a snake in our Three Sister’s Garden; or might catch a glimpse of a Great Blue Heron or hear the bullfrogs at the pond. We feed the animals who live here and come to appreciate the places where flowers, fruits and vegetables are grown and transformed into delicious foods, salves, natural dyes, and artistic works. And we do what one should do in summer - play games, cool down in the ‘Happy Tub’ and at times just hang out in the shade under a tree. Sense of Community. . . This environment and our programs are designed to help the children find real pleasure and meaning in a community setting. One way we encourage this is to make meal times special. Together, we set the table with hand-made dishes, cloth napkins, and our own aromatic hand-dipped beeswax candles. We sing in appreciation for the gifts of food and friendship most often with something nutritious to share from our land. We get to know each other better as we listen and speak in meaningful conversation and gain a sense of value in serving one another. And, of course, the responsibility of cleaning up is shared by all. We strive to enroll a range of ages in our programs. Younger children have more free imaginative play. Older participants work with similar age groups and are given appropriate challenges to meet their capacities. We have participants who love our camps so much that they return each year.  Each year offers a new rhythm. And yes, teens and adults who are young at heart are welcome! Check out our slideshow!

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